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Madge is a character appearing in Black Museum. She is portrayed by Emily Vere Nicoll.


Madge was dating Peter Dawson when he got an implant that allowed him to feel everything another person was feeling, which he used to diagnose patients more quickly, allowing them to receive prompt treatment. In his personal life, he also used the device while having sex with Madge, allowing him to feel her pleasure along with his own. After an incident in which the person wearing the device died while he was connected to them, he began to feel pleasure when the person wearing the device was feeling pain. He pressured Madge to have increasingly rough sex to allow him to get pleasure from it. When he began harming her to achieve this, she left him.

They continued to work together and she watched as he allowed a patient's suffering to continue until he was forcibly removed. Soon after, he started mutilating himself and tortured an unhoused person, leading to him ending up in a coma.


She dated Dr. Peter Dawson until he began to harm her to get pleasure.


She is a nurse at St. Junier's Hospital.