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An unnamed man, credited as "Man in the Woods", is a character who appears in Shut Up and Dance. He is portrayed by Paul Bazely.


Very little is known about this man. He is a victim of a blackmailer who targeted several people who have engaged in immoral or criminal acts. He was forced to wait in the woods for Kenny, and activate a drone equipped with a video camera upon his arrival. When the man met Kenny, he asked about what he had been caught doing. While Kenny claims he only looked at one or two photos, the man asks how young the kids in the photos were, and it is revealed that both he and Kenny were viewing child pornography. Kenny and the man were ordered to fight to the death. Kenny attempted to commit suicide with the gun the hacker had left for him earlier, but the gun was empty. The two engaged in a brutal fight, and Kenny emerged from the woods hours later, bloodied but alive, indicating that he had killed the man.

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