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Matthew Trent is one of the two protagonists of White Christmas, along with Joe Potter. He is portrayed by Jon Hamm.


Matt was married to Claire until she left him. Together, they had a young daughter called Mel, whom Claire took custody of when she left.

Matt worked for the tech company Smartelligence, which invented cookies. His job was to explain to the 'person' inside the cookie what had happened to them as well as breaking them into submitting to work for its real-self.

As a 'hobby,' Matthew provided a service where he helped lonely men pick up girls using his tactics. He did this with his client, Harry. Matthew linked Harry's Z-Eyes to his computer so he could see what his client saw and Matthew spoke to him through the Z-Eyes, telling him what to say and how to act.

Harry spotted a girl he liked named Jennifer, who was an outsider. As their evening together grew, Jennifer spotted Harry speaking to Matthew through the Z-Eyes and thought he was schizophrenic, which Jennifer was, unbeknownst to Harry.

Later on, when Harry went back to Jennifer's place to have sex, she committed a murder-suicide, forcing Harry to drink something she spiked. Jennifer explained that she was a schizophrenic and saw Harry speaking to Matthew in his head, and as Harry tried his best to explain and get out of his predicament, Jennifer wasn't convinced and murdered him before taking her own life.

Matthew destroyed all the evidence to do with this, and threw everything in a bin and as he was secretly throwing it away, he accidentally woke up his wife, Claire, who found out about this and blocked him, followed by her leaving and taking their daughter, Mel.

Some time later, the police somehow managed to find that Matthew was hosting this illegal service and took him down to the station, where they made a deal with him to break a confession from a guilty, silent Joe Potter, and he would be free to go.

Matthew manipulated a cookie of Joe into confessing to everything that had happened.

As Matthew left the simulation, and the cops tell the real Joe his cookie confessed, they told Matthew that he was free to go, with some caveats. This meant that he was on the sex offenders registry, mean he was blocked by everyone.



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