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Mazey Day is a character appearing in Mazey Day. She is portrayed by Clara Rugaard.


Mazey was in the Czech Republic filming a movie. At the end of one day, she went back to her accommodations and took some hallucinogenic mushrooms and drank some wine. While still intoxicated, she left in a car to get more cigarettes. While driving, she hit something, so she got out to check and got bit by a werewolf.

The next morning, Mazey learned they'd found a man dead in the road where she'd crashed. She went back to set, but ended up leaving the production abruptly and going into hiding at a producer's mansion. Once night, after destroying the living room, Mazey consulted with Dmitri Babich, a celebrity doctor known for unusual treatments. He offered to help her, saying he knew a place were she could go for a few days to be isolated from anyone or anything and they'd focus on getting her through one night at a time.

He took her to Cedarwood Retreat, which they'd rented out for an entire weekend without staff or any other occupants. Then he chained her to a bed, left her a goat, and left her there. That night, Mazey lay awake, reliving the day she'd been bitten. She was shivering in bed when four paparazzi, Bo, Hector, Duke, and Whitty arrived. Hector, Duke, and Whitty were hoping to get pictures of her for a tabloid while Bo noticed she had a chain around her neck and sought to free her. Mazey told them to leave immediately, but they refused and Bo continued to work to free her while the other three took many pictures. Just as Bo freed Mazey, she looked up at the full moon and began to transform into a werewolf. She mauled Whitty. Then chased and mauled Duke as he tried to escape under the fence. She chased Hector and Bo, stopping to attack a driver they passed on the way. Then she made her way to Emerald Pines Diner, where she mauled the cook, then came into the front of the restaurant, where she mauled Hector and Clay Ritman, a police sergeant who was eating there, when he started shooting her. Mazey was bleeding from her wounds as she transformed back into a human. She asked Bo, who had taken Clay's gun when he dropped it, to kill her, but Bo just handed her the gun and held a camera up to take pictures while Mazey shot herself in the head.


She was an actor until her death.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She starred in a series called The EverWish Saga.
  • She loves the hand-cut noodles from Master Tai's.


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