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Michael Smart is a character appearing in Demon 79. He is portrayed by David Shields.


Demon 79[]

Michael went around Tipley, giving speeches on the side of the street to promote his campaign, which was based heavily in anti-immigration policies. As his campaign continued, he went to Possetts because the manager, Mr Duncan, had gone to school with Michael's father and had promised Michael a new suit and shoes as well as letting Michael use his weekend cottage as a base of operations.

Vicky fit Michael for shoes and Michael asked Vicky if he had her vote. She said no because she was voting National Front, a new anti-immigration party. He intimated to her that he held similar beliefs and persuaded her to vote for him.

That night, with his new suit and new shoes, Michael gave a campaign speech to a large crowd. As he left, Nida Huq followed him, having decided to kill him to satisfy a demon talisman's command to kill three people in three days.

When they got to an isolated location, she ran him off the road, but when that didn't kill him, she took a hammer and prepared to finish the job. His life was spared when Len Fisher came back and got Nida to stop. Later that night, with the third kill not completed, a series of bombs were dropped that destroy the world.

Had the world not ended, this is the future Michael would have had: By 1997, he was expelled from the Conservative Party after delivering an openly racist speech to his constituents. Undeterred, he launched his own right wing Britannia Party which slowly gained popularity within the British electorate via anti-immigration rhetoric. In a surprise general election result, Britannia gained enough seats for Smart to become Prime Minister.

After the victory and consolidation of power, he and the party became more open with their right wing, authoritarian and fascistic tendencies. This included censorship of the press and the changing of their logo to something more overtly fascist.

Joan Is Awful[]

On the social media app Smithereen, a post by USN stated that Prime Minister Smart was met with strong counter protests when he arrived at JFK International Airport on an official trip to the USA.

Loch Henry[]

Smart is seen referenced in several newspaper cuttings that Davis McCardle and Pia Koresh processed and digitised. Two News of the World articles first referenced him being in trouble with the Conservative Party after delivering an openly racist speech in his constituency of Tipley and later being expelled from the party.

A later The Scottish Sun front page had a small article at the bottom referencing Smart's plans to launch his own political party. A news ticker under a Sky News report mentioned, "Michael Smart unveils Met Police 'robot dog'".


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