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Mohan Thakur is the founder of Tuckersoft and is determinantly, an antagonist of Black Mirror's episode, Bandersnatch.


Thakur appears to be of South Asian descent. He is a portly man with shoulder-length hair, a full beard, and glasses.


Thakur is a strict boss, who does not care how things get done, but rather when they get done. He is ambitious businessman with plans to turn Tuckersoft into the "Motown of computer games". Nonetheless, he is friendly in the beginning, willing to work with Stefan and provide him with everything he needs.

In a few endings, Thakur can be shown to be self-centered. He shows a lack of sympathy for Colin Ritman and Stefan's father if they are killed, considering himself the true victim for his company's troubles.



Possible Death[]

  • If Stefan kills his father and chooses to bury him, but says no when Thakur asks Stefan if Bandersnatch will be done, he goes to his house, only to be killed by Stefan.


  • His company's name likely comes from the Anglicization (and pronunciation) of his last name.