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Mona Javadi is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. She is portrayed by Leila Farzad.


Mona led Streamberry to develop the quamputer, which was capable of harvesting data from all their users and creating television shows about their lives. The first series they used to test this concept was "Joan Is Awful," based on the life of Joan Tait.

Mona was interviewed by Fatima Klaas about Streamberry's success and Joan Is Awful. She told Fatima about the quamputer and how they chose Joan because there was nothing special about her. Then she said the service would expand to include a customized series about each of their subscribers, including Fatima herself. Fatima asked why they were so negative and Mona said that they'd tested positive content, but it didn't get as much engagement.

When Mona learned that Joan and Salma Hayek had broke into Streamberry headquarters and were planning to destroy the quamputer, she intervened. She told Joan that if she destroyed it, she would also be destroying billions of people who believed themselves to be real. Joan realized that because they were in fictive level one, source Joan had already destroyed it, which meant she would have to do it as well. She took an axe and broke the quamputer, ending that simulated reality along with all the others above them.


She is the CEO of Streamberry Corporation.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was shown in fictive level one.