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Nanette Cole is the protagonist of USS Callister. She is portrayed by Cristin Milioti.

Aboard the USS Callister, she is referred to as Lieutenant Cole.


Nanette Cole arrives at Callister Inc and meets Robert Daly. She shows obvious admiration for him. She then meets Shania Lowry who warns Nanette over Daly and how he tends to stare. Nanette also says she is not romantically interested in Daly, who overhears this. He decides to create a clone of her that will obey his every whim.

A digital copy of Cole is then downloaded into Daly's game. Horrified and confused, she meets her work team. She has a different Lowry explain to her what her life is. Lowry explains she is a digital clone of her true self. Cole attempts to run away, but is transported back to the room she was just in and meets Robert Daly again.

She gets angry quickly, and has her face removed by Daly, causing her to be blinded and suffocate. Daly reveals he can keep her like this forever unless she complies. Cole begrudgingly agrees with Daly. She goes out on a mission with him and several others, and notices how he can pause the game.

Cole attempts to get the real her's attention by inviting her to the game with a message left in it, real Nanette shows this to Robert who quickly gets back to the game. Nanette is threatened by Daly, but Lowry stops this and sacrifices herself and becomes a monster. Cole and the crew concoct a plan which enables them to possibly leave the game. Cole reveals she has leverage over herself of nude photographs.

Digital Cole arrives with Daly on a planet to inspect a fallen shuttle. Cole undresses and goes into a nearby lake, and flirts with Daly, attempting to lure him in. She stalls Daly until his omnicorder returns back. They get a pizza delivered to Daly's house and pauses the game. Nanette gets beamed up back to the ship. The group fly toward a wormhole and suffer incredible damage. Walton sacrifices his life and they return to the normal game, leaving Daly for dead.




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