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Naomi Jayne Mathesen (née Blestow) is the deuteragonist of Nosedive. She is portrayed by Alice Eve.


Naomi is seen in Lacie's inner circle, rating the things she posts. After rating Lacie's post on coffee, causing Lacie to post "Mr. Rags", Naomi calls Lacie. The two talk briefly before Naomi shows off her engagement ring. Naomi asks Lacie to be her maid of honour, Lacie accepts. Naomi sends Lacie the guest list, who are all 4.8s or higher. Naomi sends Lacie the dress and tells her to come to her private island. Naomi calls Lacie, who explains that she is on her way. Lacie and Naomi talk about the dress, Naomi meets her other friends and hangs up on Lacie bluntly. Later, when Lacie is now driving to the island, Naomi tells Lacie not to come to her wedding anymore as her number has dropped to a 2. Naomi explains that she can't be having 2s at her wedding, and ends the call. At the wedding, a drunken and dirty Lacie arrives, hysterical. Lacie starts delivering the speech, so Naomi tells Paul to stop her and make her leave. Lacie says that Naomi slept with her boyfriend, Greg, and is then arrested, while yelling that she loves her.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Naomi has short blonde hair, she dresses very lavishly due to her being one of the most highly ranked people in the system. Naomi has a lens in her eye which allows her to rate other members of society.


Memorable Quotes[]

Oh, Lace, could I just say I am so happy to see your face?

Don't come. I don't want you here. I don't know what is up with you, but I cannot have a 2.6 at my wedding.