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The National Crime Agency is a national law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. It appears in the episode Hated in the Nation.


The agency has jurisdiction across the entire United Kingdom, and is the senior agency that lower ranking police forces such as the Metropolitan Police must refer serious cases to. It is headed by a Director-General, and reports directly to Home Secretary Alex Willis.

It keeps and has exclusive access to a Citizen Database, which holds information on all citizens of the UK, however the site is later accessed by TDC Blue Coulson to obtain information on Clara Meades. The NCA, along with the rest of the British government, was responsible giving permission and funding to Granular to produce Autonomous Drone Insect's, on the condition that a backdoor is implemented that allows them to utilise them for surveillance purposes.


  • Alex Willis - Home Secretary / Elected Officer Responsible
  • Shaun Li - Senior Officer

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