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Nish Leigh is the protagonist of Black Museum. She is portrayed by Letitia Wright.


Nish was driving alone in the mountains when she stopped to charge her car. After setting up to charge, she went to the nearby Black Museum. It wasn't open for the day yet, so she waited. She was greeted by Rolo Haynes, the owner of the museum, who offered her a tour. He showed her that inside were artifacts of crimes and offered to tell her about them before showing her the main attraction of the museum. He first told her the story of Dr. Peter Dawson, who ended up in a coma after using a device that led to him feeling other people's pain as pleasure. Then he told her about Carrie Lamasse, whose consciousness was implanted into her husband's brain after she was in an accident, and then was implanted into a stuffed monkey, where it remained, as deleting her was illegal.

Finally, he led her through a curtain to see the main attraction, Clayton Leigh, unaware that Clayton was Nish's father. Rolo had purchased the rights to Clayton's execution before he was executed and used that to created a hologram of Clayton which he allowed visitors to execute over and over again. When Nish's mother, Angelica, led protests that reduced the number of visitors the museum got, Clayton began catering to perverts and the very wealthy until he eventually let a man pay to electrocute Clayton for 14 seconds, much longer than the maximum 10 second others were allowed. This left Clayton unable to speak or function, which meant no one really wanted to see him anymore. As Rolo was showing Nish the exhibit, he started to choke and she revealed that the water she'd given him was poisoned. She explained who she was and how her mother took a bottle of pills with a bottle of vodka after visiting his museum and seeing what had become of Clayton. Then she transferred Rolo's consciousness into the hologram of Clayton and electrocuted him beyond the limit, destroying the hologram and Rolo's consciousness and leaving Nish a souvenir keychain of Rolo eternally suffering. Then she took the monkey containing Carrie's consciousness and left, setting the building on fire through the AC as she went.

She got into her car and asked her mother, whose consciousness was in Nish's head, how she did. Angelica told her she did great.


She grew up without her father after he was executed. Later, her mother took a bottle of pills with a bottle of vodka, but Nish was able to save her consciousness and implant it into her own head, allowing her mother to live inside her body with her.