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Parker Lamasse is a character appearing in Black Museum. He is portrayed by Kyros McGee.


Parker was conceived when his parents, Carrie and Jack had sex at a Halloween party. They stayed together and Parker was born approximately nine months later. When he was under a year old, his parents took him to a park. They stopped so Carrie could take a picture of Jack and Parker, but when she backed up to get them in the frame, she was hit by a truck. She spent the next four years in a coma, at which point, through technological advances, her consciousness was uploaded into Jack's body, allowing her to talk to Jack, unseen and not heard by anyone else, including Parker. She was also able to feel what Jack was feeling, like Parker hugging him. When Jack became frustrated by the lack of privacy, he started pausing Carrie during the week. Then he had her consciousness transferred into a stuffed monkey for Parker. Parker played with the monkey for a while, but then grew bored of it and left it behind.


His mother was hit by a truck and left in a coma when Parker was a baby. After that, his father raised him by himself.