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Persona is a social media company appearing in Smithereens.


Persona is a large and popular social network similar to the real life Facebook. It is based out of San Francisco and is owned by a man named Curtis.

It is one of two fictional social media companies featured in the episode, with the primary one being Twitter equivalent Smithereen.


Hayley Blackwood is shown attempting to gain access to the Persona account of her deceased daughter Kirstin Blackwood, in order to try and uncover why she comitted suicide. She tells Christopher Gillhaney that she can only guess three times a day, as the account locks for 24 hours after the third incorrect password is entered. She mentions that due to the company's strict privacy policy they refuse to give her access despite being Kirstin's mother, but she does not want to memorialise her daughters profile as such action would delete the accounts inbox.

Whilst on the phone to Smithereen CEO and founder Billy Bauer, Christopher Gilllhaney is offered a favour, which he cashes in by asking Bauer to contact Persona founder and CEO Curtis in order to provide Hayley with the password for her daughters account. Hayley is later contacted directly by a member of staff from Persona's office in San Francisco, who provides her with the information.


  • Curtis - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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