Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too is the third episode of Season 5's Black Mirror. It aired on 5 June 2019.


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Rachel Goggins (Angourie Rice) lives with her older sister Jack (Madison Davenport) and her father Kevin. Their mother Genevieve died a couple of years ago. Kevin is trying to create a replacement for mousetraps in their basement: he has designed mechanical mice to target and taser mice, allowing the homeowner to take the mouse outside before it regains consciousness. Jack has a passion for music, playing the piano and the guitar and being a fan of alternative music. Rachel looks up to pop singer and superstar Ashley O (Miley Cyrus) who promotes a new AI doll named "Ashley Too". Rachel convinces her dad to purchase the doll for her 15th birthday. Rachel begins to confide in Ashley Too, treating it as a friend rather than a toy, to the annoyance of Jack. Rachel performs a dance to one of Ashley's songs at a school talent contest, at Ashley Too's encouragement, but the routine ends badly when she falls off her stool. Jack hides Ashley Too in the attic and tells Rachel that she threw it away.

Meanwhile, the real Ashley writes out new songs in diary based on her dreams. Catherine (Susan Pourfar), Ashley's manager and aunt, is concerned at the direction her new music is taking, believing it would not be popular. She discovers that Ashley has not been taking medication, and her diary reflects the darker tone of her music. Over dinner, Catherine confronts Ashley, who says that she can get out of her contract due to the illegal pills Catherine is prescribing her. Catherine reveals that she powdered them and put them in Ashley's food, and Ashley falls to the ground unconscious, entering a coma, but alleges to the press that Ashley had a dire allergic reaction to shellfish to explain her absence. Catherine performs scans on Ashley and works with a team to use technology to extract music she is composing in her head in the coma to use for a new album, coupling it with the voice recordings made for the Ashley Too dolls. She plans to release an album of this music, altering the tone to make it more pop, and using samples of Ashley's voice taken when making Ashley Too dolls, after drastically altering the music to sound more like mainstream pop. Elsewhere, Jack gives Rachel the Ashley Too toy back when she hears the news.

After six months, Catherine plans to announce Ashley Eternal, a holographic replacement for Ashley O that can perform at music tours; secretly, she plans to turn off Ashley's life support once the project is completed. Rachel's Ashley Too, watching this news, glitches out, and Jack and Rachel use their father's equipment to find that the doll's memory has been purposely limited. Removing the limiter, Ashley Too reveals she holds a full copy of Ashley's mind, and knowing what has transgressed, believe the real Ashley is in trouble from her aunt. The doll convinces the two to take their dad's van to Ashley's home and rescue her. They find that Ashley's mind has been kept in a coma state artificially, and when they reset the equipment, Ashley wakes up. After dealing with a bodyguard using their father's mousecatcher and subduing another guard, the girls, Ashley, and the doll race to the venue where Catherine is presenting Ashley Eternal, followed closely by cops. When they crash onto the stage and Ashley steps out, Catherine realizes her plan has failed.

Later, Jack and Ashley are seen performing alternative music together, as Rachel and Ashley Too watch on and their dad tries to talk to the bartender about his mouse inventions.


  • Miley Cyrus as Ashley O
  • Angourie Rice as Rachel
  • Madison Davenport as Jack



  • One of the hashtags shown in the previous episode Smithereens is #AshleyOWembley.
  • A news segment briefly references Tusk embarrassing himself on a British talk show, possibly even his final interview from the episode Hated in the Nation.
  • The director of the episode, Anne Sewitsky is referenced as the director of the music video playing at the start entitled "On a Roll".
  • The two songs Ashley sings in the episode are lyrical reconstructions of Nine Inch Nails songs - the first song, "On A Roll", is a reconstruction of "Head Like A Hole", while the second, untitled song is a reconstruction of "Right Where It Belongs". The credits screen that shows the song rights is subtitled at the bottom with "Many thanks to Trent Reznor".
    • When we first hear Ashley start writing the second song, the lyrics are practically unchanged, save for using "her" in place of "his". This sets up just how thoroughly Catherine doctors Ashley's songs.
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