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Reputelligent (a portmanteau of "reputation" and "intelligent") is a consulting firm for users of the unnamed social media platform featured in the episode Nosedive. The company's consultants analyse clients' social media activity and recommend ways to improve their rankings. It is unclear whether Reputelligent owns the social media platform or just consults users as a third party.



Lacie Pound meets with Reputelligent consultant Hansen Davis to improve her score in order to get a discount on her rent for her Pelican Cove apartment. Davis tells Pound that she will likely reach her target 4.5 score in 18 months just by doing what she has already been doing; however Pound tells him that she will need to reach a higher score more quickly. Davis informs Pound that she needs more "high-quality" people in her inner circle in order to boost her score.

Hated in the Nation[]

A news ticker feature Reputelligent under a TV news item reads "Reputelligent shares nosedive".

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