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Richard King is a character appearing in Loch Henry. He is portrayed by John Hannah.


Richard and his wife were living in Loch Henry with their son Stuart when a newlywed couple, [[Dawn Challis|Dawn] and Simon Challis, went missing. The media picked up the story, but Dawn and Simon remained missing long after the media had moved on to cover the death of Princess Diana.

When Iain Adair came into The Lochside Inn making comments about Dawn Challis, Richard asked Kenneth to look into it and make sure Iain didn't make good on his pledge to come back and shoot up the place. Kenneth was shot in the shoulder that night and claimed that Iain had shot him, then fatally shot his parents and himself. Kenneth later died of the resulting MRSA infection. At some point, Richard had spent a night with Janet and Kenneth and got pulled into adult stuff, like sex games which led Richard to suspect that Iain Adair hadn't acted alone as Kenneth had claimed.

Years later, Richard learned that Stuart was helping Davis and Davis's girlfriend Pia make a documentary about the crimes and he was angry at Stuart for helping them and for giving them all the information on that case that Stuart's mother had gathered. He said he didn't think anyone should be making movies about that case.

Richard crashed into Stuart, Pia, and Davis while they were on their way back from filming inside the Adair house where the murders had taken place. He refused to talk to Stuart in the hospital afterward, but after Stuart and Pia had left, he went to talk to Davis and finally told him that he'd long suspected that Davis's parents were behind the murders, but never had any proof.

Richard later agreed to be filmed on camera talking about the crimes for Davis's documentary, which took on a new angle after Pia died trying to escape his mother, who also hanged herself after leaving out all the evidence needed to prove that she and Kenneth were the true masterminds.


He was estranged from his son, Stuart, as he started drinking heavily after Dawn and Simon Challis's disappearances, which killed the tourism industry in Loch Henry.


He owned and operated The Lochside Inn until his drinking forced his son, Stuart, to take over.

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