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Ricky Ross is a character appearing in Beyond The Sea. He is portrayed by Charlie Fidelski.


Ricky's father, David, was an astronaut two years into a six-year space mission. He was able to spend most of his time at home anyway due to a lifelike replica of his body into which he could project his consciousness except for the times he was needed on the space station. David often got attention while they were out because of this program, as people were awed by how lifelike his replica was.

One night, after a family outing to celebrate Ricky's birthday, the family was sleeping when four members of a cult broke into their house, tied them all up, and killed Ricky, Lily, and Jessica, then doused David's replica in gasoline and lit it on fire to destroy it.


He was very close with his family. His father was devastated when he died.

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