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Rob is a supporting character in Crocodile. He is portrayed by Andrew Gower.


Rob was partying with his friend, Mia Nolan. Despite having consumed alcohol, Rob drove them away from the club. While they were driving, Rob hit and killed a cyclist. Not wanting to go to prison, Rob pressured Mia to help him hide the body by weighing it down and dropping it in the water.

Fifteen years later, Rob came to Mia and said he found an article written by the wife of the cyclist, who still had hope that he would come back home. He'd given up drinking entirely and wanted to start making amends to those he had hurt, including her. He planned to write her an anonymous letter, telling her what had happened to her husband. Mia was upset by this, because she worried it would get tracked back to him and then to her. She begged him to reconsider, but he told her he was doing it, so she grabbed him and pushed him to the floor, then she held her arm over his throat until he suffocated to death. Then she hid his body at a building site.


He and Mia Nolan were friends.


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