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Ryan Pound is a supporting character in Nosedive. He is portrayed by James Norton.


Ryan is first seen playing VR video games in his and Lacie's house. Ryan is not as obsessed with ratings as his sister is, but still accepts them. He is a 3.7. Ryan is there when Naomi calls Lacie, he reminds Lacie of how Naomi used to treat Lacie, and how she bullied Lacie. Lacie shrugs this off and goes on with the call. Throughout the call, Ryan can be seen trying to look at Naomi. At the end of the call, Ryan says Naomi looked hot. Ryan and Lacie later have an argument after she delivers her maid of honour speech to him. Ryan confronts Lacie on being obsessed, but she ignores him and leaves. Lacie down votes him with the system before leaving, Ryan does it back and she gasps.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Ryan has red hair, he often wears casual clothing and doesn't often wear trousers. He has the lens in his eye that allows him to rate people, but he really only does this with his gamer friends.


Memorable Quotes[]