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SaitoGemu is a Japanese game production company founded by Shou Saito. It appears primarily in the episode Playtest.


Founded by the reclusive genius Shou Saito, the company specialises in creating horror based video games. Their most popular franchise is the Harlech Shadow series, which is described by Edge magazine as "reinventing the horror genre". They operate in several countries worldwide, including out of a converted castle in Berkshire, UK.


The company hires Cooper Redfield as a temporary video game tester through the app Oddjobs. Redfield has never heard of the company, but is informed by Sonja of their prominence in the gaming industry. She also asks him to send her photographic evidence of the new "immersive gaming" system they are creating, as the company is notoriously secretive regarding their development and such evidence would be worth more than what they are paying him.

He is collected by a taxi and taken to their facility in rural Berkshire, where he is greeted by Katie, and observes the advanced technology utilised by the companies development staff. The company has him sign a nondisclosure agreement before starting the test. After Coopers death (caused by a malfunction of the Mushroom by his cell phone signal), he is placed in a bodybag by two hazmat officers presumably also working for SaitoGemu.

Hated in the Nation[]

SaitoGemu is referenced several times on the lower third news ticker of UKN broadcasts throughout the episode, with focus placed on the release of Harlech Shadow IV and the "immersive gaming system" in development. Harlech Shadow V is also briefly seen as a trending topic on Twitter.

Striking Vipers[]

The immersive virtual reality game Striking Vipers X is manufactured and developed by SaitoGemu. It is given as a birthday gift to Daniel Parker by Karl.


There are several hashtags referencing the company seen on newsfeeds on the Smithereen social media network, including one indicating a possibly partnership with Netflix.


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