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Shania Lowry is a supporting character in USS Callister. She is portrayed by Michaela Coel.

Aboard the USS Callister, she is referred to as Lowry.


Shania Lowry is first seen in the office on the phone talking about numbers of a game developed by Callister Inc. When Nanette Cole arrives at work for her first day, Lowry welcomes and comforts Cole about work. When Nanette begins to talk about Robert Daly's mind, Lowry asks if Nanette is interested in him romantically, but Nanette denies this while Robert overhears. Lowry is relieved as she finds him to be "starey". Aboard the USS Callister, Cole arrives, Lowry appears to be supportive of this and attempts to explain what is happening and why she is here, however, this does not go to plan when the crew members talk too much about the game and their interest in their counterparts. Lowry tells Cole there is no way out of the game. When Daly arrives, Lowry helps Cole with the job she needs to do. On an unknown planet, Lowry, Walton, Cole, Daly and Packer arrive on a planet. They encounter Valdack and Gillian, two villains of the game. When Daly goes on pause, the lot of them break character. Lowry explains that Daly can go in and out of the game. Back aboard the USS Callister, Lowry and Elena Tulaska are kissed by Daly. When Daly goes to kiss Cole, she slaps him. Robert goes to hurt Cole but Lowry steps in front of her and begs him to stop. Daly agrees not to hurt Cole and instead turns Lowry into an arachnajax (the same as Gillian). After the crew fly through the wormhole, a human Lowry turns up alive.



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Fix her something, something she'll recognise. Vodka.