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Shaun Li is a supporting character in Hated in the Nation. He is portrayed by Benedict Wong.


Shaun is assigned to the Jo Powers case along with Blue Coulson and Karin Parke. Coulson realises that Tusk and Powers were both targeted with a social media hashtag, "#DeathTo". The tweets originating the hashtag had a video called "Game of Consequences" attached which explains that each day, the person that is subject of the most "#DeathTo" tweets will be killed. Clara Meades (Holli Dempsey), who posted a photo where she pretended to urinate on a war memorial, is currently mentioned in the most tweets; the team take her to a safe house. Rasmus attempts to catch the hackers, but fails, and a swarm of ADIs invade the safe house through keyholes, windows and other small gaps. Though Parke and Blue attempt to hide from them with Meades, she is killed by bees entering through an air duct.

Noticing that the ADIs attacked Meades but not herself or Parke, Coulson realises that they use a facial recognition system; Li admits that the ADIs are used for government surveillance. The news begins to report on the #DeathTo hashtag, which is rapidly growing in use. The Chancellor of the Exchequer Tom Pickering (Ben Miles) is the current target. Meanwhile, Parke interviews Tess Wallander (Georgina Rich), a former Granular employee who attempted suicide after receiving online hate, but was saved by her flatmate and work colleague Garrett Scholes (Duncan Pow). Coulson and Li's analysis of the compromised ADIs reveal a digital manifesto written by Scholes, which is about forcing people to face consequences without hiding behind online anonymity. Coulson traces the location where a selfie in the document was taken; the police raid this location, yielding a disk drive. As Rasmus is preparing to use this to deactivate the ADI system, Coulson discovers the drive contains a list of hundreds of thousands of International Mobile Equipment Identity(IMEI) numbers, which can be connected to the owners' details via the government's monitoring system. They realise the list is of those who used the #DeathTo hashtag, and Parke concludes that Scholes' true plan was to use the ADIs to kill these people. However, Li ignores this and activates Rasmus' code; the system appears to be deactivated for a moment, but then the ADIs come back online and we see them target Bahar and Shelton, who had used the hashtag. All 387,036 people on the list are killed by the ADIs.



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