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Shazia Akhand is a main character in Crocodile. She is portrayed by Kiran Sonia Sawar.


Shazia worked as an investigator for the insurance company. She had a recaller, a device that allowed her to create recordings of people's memories of events. She used this to corroborate people's stories as part of their insurance payouts.

After Gordy was hit by a self-driving pizza delivery van, he received a large insurance payout. Shazia went to investigate and he said it was because he was meant to be going on a tour with the philharmonic and couldn't because of the accident. She told him the security camera on that street had paint on it, rendering it useless, so she had Gordy recall the accident. Unfortunately, his memory of the event ended at the moment of impact and didn't answer the question of how fast the delivery van was going, but fortunately, he saw a woman on the street. Shazia found out that the woman was Noni Harper-Brown, a factory worker.

Shazia went to see Noni and did the same process with her as she'd done with Gordy. She also didn't see the accident itself, but she was able to tell Shazia that a flash of light on a windshield had come from a dentist's office.

Shazia went to see the dentist, William Grange, who was embarrassed because he had been attempting to take a picture of a nude man in a hotel room when he noticed a woman looking down at the street and saw that there had been an accident. He also hadn't seen the accident itself, but Shazia thought the woman might have.

She went to see Farshad, the receptionist for the hotel. He told her what room it was, but said he couldn't tell her the name of the guest. He was, however, able to tell her it was unlikely she was looking outside at the time of the accident as she'd ordered a pornographic film to her room at that time.

At home, Shazia looked for a match for the woman. She was able to identify her as Mia Nolan. She asked her husband, Anan, if it was okay if she went to Mia's place that night, as she got a bonus for completing the investigation within 24 hours. He told her it was okay.

Shazia went to Mia's. Mia initially told Shazia that she didn't see any accident, but when Shazia explained the details, she said she did remember. She told Shazia what she had seen. When Shazia went to put the recaller her on, she said she didn't need it because she remembered it. Shazia said it was a legal requirement and she had to report anyone who refused. Mia finally consented. She was able to recall the accident, but also recalled having killed her friend earlier in the evening. Shazia quickly turned off the recaller, told Mia she'd gotten what she needed, and tried to leave. Mia stopped her, saying sometimes she thinks weird things that aren't real. She followed Shazia out to her car, where she used a rock to break the window and pulled Shazia out. She knocked Shazia out.

When Shazia woke up, she was tied up and gagged. She tried to promise Mia that she wouldn't say anything or show anyone what she'd seen, but Mia didn't believe her. She then said she hadn't told anyone else she was coming to Mia's, but Mia used the recaller to see that she'd told Anan. Mia apologized to Shazia, then killed her.


She was married to Anan Akhand until her death. They had one child, Ali, together.


She is an investigator for Realm Insurance.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She died the day after her birthday.


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