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Shou Saito is a supporting character in Playtest. He is portrayed by Ken Yamamura.


Saito first appears in the episode Playtest (S3E2), where he is introduced as the head of a tech company, SaitoGemo, that specializes in horror video games. He convinces Cooper, a tourist, to participate in a test for a new VR technology. He and his assistant, Katie, set Cooper up for the test. Later, he and Katie appear to Cooper to warn him that the VR technology has failed and cannot be shut off. Eventually, when the experiment is "over", Saito apologizes for scaring Cooper so badly and removes the VR implant. Saito is seen one more time at the end of the episode, standing with Katie as she records the events that led to Cooper's death.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Shou Saito appears on the cover of a magazine called "Edge" in the episode Playtest, with the caption "Fear Him".
  • SaitoGemu is mentioned in news broadcasts in the episodes Hated In The Nation and Smithereens, and the company is responsible for creating the video game Striking Vipers.


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