Shrive is a hacking program disguised as malware removal service. It appears in Shut Up and Dance.


Shrive masquerades as a legitimate malware removal service, which can be downloaded for free on the internet. It is one of the top results when searched. Although it does remove existing malware on the users computer, it also gives hackers access to the devices hard drive and camera.

This allows them to record their victims (such as Kenny) performing private and embarrassing actions, in addition to cloning their hard drives and threatening to send comprising information to the victims loved ones (in the case of Hector).


  • Malware Removal:

The program appears to remove all existing malware from the users computer once it is downloaded.

  • Webcam Access:

It enables the hackers to gain access and record from the users device webcam. Such recordings can then be used to blackmail them, in the case of Kenny.

  • Hard Drive Cloning:

Hector mentions that the hackers have cloned his entire hard drive, and thus have all the correspondence between him and "Mindy", which they are threatening to send to his wife. This revelation makes Kenny even more distraught, given that he is said to have child pornography on his computer.


  • The verb "shrive" means "to present oneself to a priest for confession, penance, and absolution." Assuming all the hackers' victims were compromised through this program, the subsequent demands could be seen as the victims being absolved from their sins, with the usage of the Shrive software being their presentation for judgment.
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