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Simon Challis is a character appearing in Loch Henry. He is portrayed by Scott Mooney.


In 1997, Simon and his new wife, Dawn, rented a cottage in Loch Henry, Scotland for their honeymoon. They were there for a week, but when the week was over, the cleaner came to find their car and belongings at the cottage, but Dawn and Simon were missing. Kenneth McCardle was called in to investigate their disappearance, but couldn't find them. It was a big story until Princess Diana died and the media moved on to that. The case remained unsolved until Iain Adair was drinking one night at The Lochside Inn and made comments about Dawn. Richard King, the owner, tried to kick him out, but he threatened to come back and shoot the place up, so Richard asked Kenneth to check on Iain. When Kenneth went to Iain's place, Iain shot him in the shoulder, then fatally shot his parents and himself. The police searched the property and found a torture room inside a bunker on the property. Dawn and Simon were among the people he'd kidnapped, tortured, and killed.

Years later, when Kenneth's son, Davis McCardle, was making a documentary about the case, it came out that Iain was actually the protégé of Kenneth and his wife, Janet, who were the true masterminds.


He was married to Dawn Challis until they were both murdered on their honeymoon.

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