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Simon Nolan is a character appearing in Crocodile. He is portrayed by Jamie Michie.


Simon stayed home with his son, Finn, while his wife, Mia, went on a trip for work. While she was gone, Simon called her and let Finn talk to her about the play his school was doing, "Bugsy Malone." When Mia got home, Simon told her that something was wrong with the sound system at the school, so he was going to be there all day fixing it.

Later in the day, Simon called Mia and said all the kids were in their costumes. He asked her to make sure she got there in time for the show. She promised she would. Just as the show was preparing to start, she met Simon outside and they went in together. The show went well and as it was ending, the police came in, presumably there to arrest Mia, who had committed four murders.


He is married to Mia Nolan. Together, they have a son, Finn.