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Smithereen is an American social media company founded by Billy Bauer. It is featured in the episode Smithereens and mentioned briefly in the interactive movie Bandersnatch.


Smithereen is a social media site which appears similar to and functions in the same way as Twitter. It was taken over in 2008 by its current CEO Billy Bauer.

The company's mains headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California but it also operates a large regional office in London, England.


In one of the multiple endings, a UKN news ticker seen during the interview of Pearl Ritman makes reference to Smithereen CEO Billy Bauer being questioned by a United States Senate committee regarding use of Russian bots on the website.


Various newspaper cuttings found in the house of Christopher Gillhaney detail the popularity of the app, stating that it its "blowing the competition to Smithereens" and is gaining an average of a million users every 40 days.

Joan Is Awful[]

USN, Lacie Pound and Tusk are shown to maintain accounts on the social media company and their latest posts are browsed through by Mac.


  • Billy Bauer - Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Penelope Wu - Chief Operations Officer
  • Vanessa Lampton - Executive
  • Don - Attorney, Los Gatos Head Office
  • Shonelle - Analytics Department, Los Gatos Head Office
  • Maryam - Head of Human Resources, London Office
  • Hannah Kent - Human Resources, London Office
  • Hilary Connell - Receptionist, London Office
  • Jaden Tommins - Intern, London Office

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