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Stefan Butler is the main protagonist in Black Mirror's interactive episode Bandersnatch. He is portrayed by Fionn Whitehead.


Possible Deaths[]

  • If the player chooses to follow Colin to his flat and chooses to have Stefan jump off of the balcony at Colin’s flat, Stefan will end up falling to his death.
  • If the player enters the safe code “TOY” and chooses to go with Stefan’s mother, Stefan and his mother will die in the crash, which results in Stefan peacefully dying in the present day while at Dr. Haynes’ office.
  • If the player grabs the family photo, Stefan will enter a dream sequence where he is stabbed in the stomach by Jerome F. Davies. He reawakens however, not affecting the story.
  • If the player enters PAX instead of PAC, Stefan will be killed by Pax. However, this is simply a dream and he will survive, but will affect the ending choices.


Throughout the episode there are several people that he can meet and build rapport with.

During his welcome to Tuckersoft he meets:

Mohan Thakur who is the boss of the Tuckersoft office. Thakur is a bit blunt and short with him. He doesn't seem to care to much about how it gets done, being more concerned with the fact it gets done.

Colin Ritman who he is tasked to worth with on the Bandersnatch game. It is noted that he his a fan of his, having played several of his games and is a result quite excited to meet him. Colin Ritman recognises his potential as a game designer and the two become fast friends. Stefan relies on Colin for support during his first time as a game designer. Throughout the episode, depending on the choices you have the opportunity to talk to him or run into him several times.

With one choice leading to you going to his house and taking illicit substances. While on the drug Colin goes on a rant in which Stefan intently listens, as it winds down Colin grabs Stefans head which has caused some fans to ship the characters as more than friends but in the show their relationship is only shown as platonic. Although there were rumors that there was a deleted scene which contained the two of them hugging.

In one timeline at his house he introduces you to his signifiant other Kitty although the two are never more than aquaintances.

Later on Stefan also talks to his therapist Dr. Haynes presumably regularly. She seems to have an signifcant understanding of his life and trauma. Stefan seems to be tolerating of her and is willing to listen and trusts her enough to take the medication she prescribes.

Stefan's Father[]

Revealed during a therapy session with Dr. Haynes, Stefan admits that he hates his father because of his mother's death. His stuffed toy, Rabbit, was taken away the night before his mother's death, as his father believed that Stefan playing with stuffed animals at the age of five made him a sissy. 

The next morning, his mother patiently waited for Stefan to find his Rabbit; however, Stefan could not find it and refused to leave for the train station without it. His mother left without him, taking the 8:45 train rather than the 8:30 train. Unfortunately, the 8:45 train crashed and his mother was killed in the accident. 


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