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Streamberry is an international streaming service who produces on-demand entertain on various devices, such as streaming smart TVs, smartphones, and laptops.

The corporation is featured in the episode Joan Is Awful and provides many direct and indirect Black Mirror in-universe references.


The Streamberry Corporation is passionate about creating new forms of entertainment, providing viewers engaging films, documentaries, and series.

Thanks to subscriber approved End-User-Service Terms & Condition Agreement (upon Streamberry streaming service sign-up), data-audio-visual tracking systems, and permitted background-running applications, viewers can now become the star of their very own movie! With the famous A-List performers now licensing their likenesses to Streamberry, the totally average, nobody person can become a star!


Watch as Salma Hayek and Cate Blanchett confront their weakest moments in the brand-new, record-breaking drama, Joan Is Awful. But how can these experimental entertainment, computer-generated materials of AI deepfake and voice simulation technology create such masterworks of cinema? Through the hard work of Streamberry's Content generation Research and Development Team and Quantum Computer Processor!


The QUAMPUTER is an infinite content creator capable of willing entire multiverse into existence, Within those rendered worlds -- what would normally take months to make -- Quamputer is shooting, packaging, and editing fully edited programs in seconds.

"The aim here is to launch unique, tailored content to each individual in our database [created] on the fly by our system. The most relatable content imaginable. [When] we focused on [our viewer's] more weak or selfish or craven moments, it confirmed their innermost fears and put them in a state of mesmerized horror -- which really drives up engagement."
Mona Javadi, CEO

Current Streamberry Programming[]

  • "MAD MIND"
  • "SMART?"
  • "Space Fleet"
  • "Average People"
  • "Finding Ritman"
  • "HOT SHOT"
  • "Fancy Dogs"
  • "Juniper Dreaming"


  • Mona Javadi - Streamberry Chief Executive Officer
  • Lucy - Personal Executive Assistant
  • Beppe - Quamputational Render Technician

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Streamberry Corporation is in no way affiliated with the now-defunct roulette-style chat website
  • Streamberry is the in-universe facsimile of NETFLIX, sharing its style, app launch animation, and audio logo.
  • Charlie Brooker with EMPIRE when asked about his and Netflix's thoughts about Streamberry: "We just said, 'We’ve got this streaming platform called 'Streamberry' in this episode… can we make it look like Netflix?' [...] They went away and came back quite quickly — weirdly quickly — and said, 'Yeah, okay.' There wasn’t any resistance to it, that I could tell. Which is a bit disappointing, because it would be good to be able to say 'I just did it anyway, because I’m an anarchist!' But no. [...] That episode is quite meta and weird anyway, [...] It’s one thing me watching it in the edit, but the thought that people are going to be watching it on the Netflix platform itself ? That’s quite bonkers.”[1]