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Stuart King is a character appearing in Loch Henry. He is portrayed by Daniel Portman.


When Stuart was a child, a newlywed couple, Dawn and Simon Challis, disappeared from the cottage they'd rented for their honeymoon and were eventually found to have been murdered. The media heavily covered the case until they moved on to cover the death of Princess Diana. This case gave Loch Henry the appearance of being unsafe, which killed off the tourism industry, jeopardizing Stuart's father's pub, The Lochside Inn. Over the following years, Richard started drinking heavily, lead to Stuart taking over the pub's day to day operations.

Davis McCardle came back to town with his girlfriend, Pia Koresh, with the plan to make a documentary about a man who protected rare eggs from being stolen. However, after Stuart told Pia the story of the Challis case, she persuaded Davis to make a documentary about that instead. Stuart liked the idea, saying it would bring the tourists back. He even offered them a box of clippings and recordings related to the case that his mother had collected.

When Richard learned that Stuart had given them the box, he was opposed to the idea and said no one should be making documentaries about that case. Stuart still helped Pia and Davis, sitting for an interview and then going with them to break into the house where the murders had taken place.

On their way back from the house, Stuart, Pia, and Davis were in a car accident with Richard. They were taken to the hospital, where Richard refused to speak to Stuart. That night, the truth came out that Davis's parents were the real masterminds behind the murders, not the scapegoated Iain Adair, who was a mere protégé. Davis's mother hanged herself and left all the evidence they needed to prove what really happened. Davis used all this to make a documentary solo because Pia had died trying to escape his mother.

The documentary, Loch Henry, went on to win a BAFTA and Stuart had the entire full bar be silent so they could watch it. Stuart called Davis to congratulate him and told him the bar had been packed for weeks.


He was estranged from his father, Richard, as Richard started drinking heavily after Dawn and Simon Challis's disappearances, which killed the tourism industry in Loch Henry.


He operated The Lochside Inn, which he took over from his father after his father's drinking forced him to step back.

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  • He made a model for one of Davis's previous movies.


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