Susan Taylor is a supporting character in Nosedive. She is portrayed by Cherry Jones.

Physical Appearance Edit

Susan has long grey messy hair. She wears no makeup and dresses in poor clothing such as vests and cargo trousers. She still has the rating lens in her eye but does not use it anymore to rate.

Overview Edit

Susan drives past Lacie in her truck and notices that she is alone and walking. Susan offers Lacie a drive, at first Lacie declines, but Susan points out Lacie doesn't look good. Lacie reluctantly gets on, despite Susan being a 1. Susan explains that she stopped used to be a 4.6, and used to be just like Lacie, addicted to being rated 5 stars. Susan explains that when her husband, Tom, got cancer, he required medical help. Tom was a 4.3, and some very exclusive medical care was available, but the care was given to a 4.4 instead. After Tom died, Susan stopped caring about the rating system and began telling people what she wanted when she wanted. People did not like that, and down voted her until she became a one. Susan drives Lacie as far as she can. Susan leaves Lacie alcohol in her drink and leaves.

Quotes Edit

"Checking my feed for danger signs? I get it a lot. 1.4 gotta be an antisocial maniac, right?"
— Susan Taylor to Lacie Pound after seeing her scrolling through her feed
"You're a 2.8, but you don't look 2.8"
— Susan to Lacie Pound
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