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Susan Taylor is a supporting character in Nosedive. She is portrayed by Cherry Jones.

Physical Appearance[]

Susan has long grey messy hair. She wears no makeup and dresses in poor clothing such as vests and cargo trousers. She still has the rating lens in her eye but does not use it anymore to rate.


Susan, a truck driver, passes Lacie Pound on the road while the latter is hitchhiking to Port Mary. Susan offers Lacie a ride and Lacie reluctantly accepts. Lacie skims Susan's social media feed as they drive, and Susan correctly guesses that she is unnerved by Susan's exceptionally low rating of 1.4 and is looking for an explanation. She tells Lacie her life story: when she was younger, she obsessively pursued social status, earning a 4.6 rating. When her husband, Tom, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Susan tried to leverage her high status to get him the very best treatment. Tom applied to a promising experimental treatment program, but he was rejected in favor of someone with a higher rating. After Tom died from his illness, Susan became disillusioned with the rating system. She started speaking her mind and ignoring social norms whenever it pleased her. Her former friends turned their backs on her and her rating plummeted. Susan tells Lacie how liberating it felt to shed her status obsession and encourages Lacie to follow in her footsteps. When Susan drops Lacie off the next day, she gives her a gift of whiskey in a travel mug, calling it an "escape hatch".


"Checking my feed for danger signs? I get it a lot. 1.4 gotta be an antisocial maniac, right?"
— Susan Taylor to Lacie Pound after seeing her scrolling through her feed
"You're a 2.8, but you don't look 2.8"
— Susan to Lacie Pound