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Princess Susannah, Duchess of Beaumont is a character appearing in The National Anthem. She is portrayed by Lydia Wilson.


Susannah is a member of the British Royal Family, who was born in 1988 in St. Marys Hospital, Paddington. She later went on to study history at Trinity College, Cambridge where she met her fiancé Nat Wallace-Dean, and was a known supporter of environmental causes. Her public popularity is reiterated by Jane Callow, who described her as "the Princess" and an "eco-conscious national sweetheart".

Given that she is able to use the title of Princess, this indicates she is either the child or grandchild of the reigning British monarch.

Her title is implied to be derived from the village and civil parish of Beaumont, Cumbria.

Whilst returning from a close friends wedding, Susannah is kidnapped by performance artist Carlton Bloom, who uses a blowgun and darts containing heavy tranquiliser to incapacitate her two Protection Command bodyguards. He holds her hostage and threatens to kill her live on air unless UK Prime Minister Michael Callow engages in sexual intercourse with a pig on live television.

Despite numerous attempts by the government and Home Secretary Alex Cairns to rescue her, Callow is eventually forced to carry out the act to save her due to public opinion. However, afterwards it is revealed Susannah was released before Callow commenced the action.

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