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The Symphatic Diagnoser is a piece of experimental medical equipment manufactured by TCKR Systems. It is featured in the episode Black Museum.


The device was created by the Research and Development division of TCKR Systems, based out of St. Junipers Hospital in New York City.

The technology was originally intended as an attempt to transfer memories from one sentient being to another. Early experiments with rats failed, with memory transfer from one to another not working. However, due to an unexpected error in which a researcher spilt a cup of hot coffee on one of the test rats, it was discovered the technology was capable of transferring sensations of pain from one sentient being to another. The device was then revamped into a medical diagnostic tool.


  • Sensory Transfer:

When used in conjunction with a neural implant, which is surgically embedded behind the ear of a human, it enables the user to feel any pain felt by a patient wearing the diagnoser, but not be physically effected by it. The device also enables sexual sensation to be transferred between two people, allowing men to experience female orgasms.