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TCKR Systems is a neural research and technology company. It is featured primarily in the episodes San Junipero, Black Museum, and Striking Vipers.


The company specialises in neural technology, of which various different types are shown throughout the episodes it is featured in. It appears to be based in the United States, with a section of its research division operating out of St. Junipers Hospital in New York City.


TCKR Systems is briefly featured in the episode, with an article preview on the cover of Edge magazine stating how the company plans to turn "nostalgia into a game".

San Junipero[]

The company is responsible for the creation of the simulated reality universe of San Junipero, where dead or dying people can "pass over" and have their consciousness stored in the fictional reality and live for eternity. It is also used as a form of nostalgia therapy for the elderly, however due to the addictive nature of the system they are restricted to five hours per week. TCKR is apparently referenced in the name of the bar in San Junipero - Tuckers. Both feature a palm tree in their logos.


The logo of TCKR is seen briefly on the van driven by Bella and her friends.

Black Museum[]

The company is explored in considerably more depth in the episode, which gives primary focus to when Rolo Haynes worked in their marketing department. In the earlier days, the company operated one of their research and development divisions from the tenth floor of St. Junipers Hospital in New York City. In exchange for the hospital treating patients who did not have insurance, they had to consent to experimental medical procedures pioneered by TCKR.

One of the first products created by TCKR was the Symphatic Diagnoser, which could be used in conjunction with a neural implant to enable the user to feel others pain without inflicting any physical damage upon themselves. This was used in a medical capacity by Dr. Peter Dawson to enable him to correctly diagnose patients illnesses, and even discover ones that neither he nor they would have been aware of otherwise. However, when the system malfunctioned and caused Dawson to feel pleasure when others felt pain, it resulted in him becoming addicted to the pain of others and committing several murders to satisfy his addiction.

Striking Vipers[]

The virtual reality element for the video game Striking Vipers X is manufactured by TCKR Systems, and is used by Daniel Parker and Karl throughout the episode.

Joan is Awful[]

TCKR is displayed as a mobile phone carrier in the top-right corner of a character's phone screen and also on the back of the newspaper in Salma Hayek's hands