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A Temporal Interceptor is an advanced piece of medical technology used to read brain waves of those who are in a comatose condition. It is first seen in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.


Little is revealed about the technology, other than it is apparently a fairly new piece of expensive medical apparatus available in the United States.

It is not avaliable in the UK due to laws restricting mind-altering devices to judicial use only (such as the memory-erasers used in justice parks)

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too[]

After pop singer Ashley O is purposefully placed into a coma by her treacherous aunt and manager Catherine Ortiz, Dr. Burk utilises the Temporal Interceptor to analyse her brain waves. It is discovered that her consciousness is still making music despite her body being comatose, causing the two to enlist in the help of technical director Jackson Habanera to extract and properly format the new material.


  • Brain Wave Reading

The Temporal Interceptor can be used to read the brain waves of comatose patients, revealing and translating basic synaptic activity into letters, words and musical notes.

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