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Terry is a character appearing in Mazey Day. He is portrayed by Jack Bandeira.


Terry was working at Emerald Pines Diner when Bo came in. He offered her coffee, which she accepted. Then she asked if he knew anyone with a tow truck. He only knew one person, but knew that person would be drunk all day. Bo then asked about a motel and he said the only place nearby was a rehab, but someone had hired the place for the entire weekend and sent all the staff home.

Later, Clay Ritman came into the diner and ordered a meal for himself. Once he finished, he started talking to Terry about how chicken could be cooked. Their conversation was interrupted by Bo and Hector entering the restaurant and barricading the door. They asked Clay to call for backup, but instead, he restrained Bo and started to handcuff her. This was interrupted by yelling from the kitchen. Then Mazey Day came out of the kitchen in wolf form and mauled first Hector, then Clay, who accidentally hired his gun at Terry, killing him.


His uncle Kyle is a masseuse at Cedarwood Retreat.


He was a server at Emerald Pines Diner until his death.


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