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Tipley is political constituency and suburban area of Greater Manchester in North West England.


The area is said to be located close to Cheetham. Historically a white, working class area of the city, by the late 1970's the area sees diversification of its community, mainly with immigrants from India and Africa.

Tipley is the subject of a documentary, mentioned in the Bafta ceremony in Loch Henry. Specifically, the documentary mentions a "pedophile ring."

Demon 79[]

Nida Huq, a young British woman of Indian descent, lives in Tipley and works in the local department store Possetts. A Conservative Party candidate, Michael Smart, is running in the local election to become the area's Member of Parliament (MP), competing against the more vocally right wing National Front despite secretly harbouring the same beliefs.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Tipley is an entirely fictional area and political constituency created for the show, much like Stentonford & Hersham which appears in The Waldo Moment.
  • When Len is told there is a missing person, he asks, "Boy or girl?" as if he is expecting a child to have gone missing. This is potentially linked to the pedophile ring that is appears in the documentary in Loch Henry.
  • The first person Nida Huq sacrifices is portrayed to be sexually assaulting his daughter. It is not made clear if this is part of the larger pedophile ring.