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Vicky is a character appearing in Demon 79. She is portrayed by Katherine Rose Morley.


Vicky was working when it was close to her lunch time. She went into the break room and forced Nida Huq to end her lunch early to help Keith Holligan. Vicky returned while Nida was finishing up with Keith and told Nida she thought she was Keith's type.

Vicky complained to their boss, Mr Duncan, about the smell of Nida's lunch and got him to force Nida to eat in the basement.

The next day, Vicky made Nida go fit shoes for a kid because the kid scared her. When Mr Duncan brought in Michael Smart, he asked Vicky to find shoes for him. Michael was running for office and asked Vicky if he had her vote. She said no because she was voting National Front, a new anti-immigration party. He intimated to her that he held similar beliefs and persuaded her to vote for him. She was in the audience when he gave a big campaign speech.


She worked at Possetts in the shoe department until her death. During her employment, she stole from the cash register.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Had the world not ended, she would have never married.


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