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Wayhaven is a budget hotel chain operating in the United Kingdom. It appears in Shut Up and Dance.


Wayhaven is a budget hotel chain, similar to Travelodge and Premier Inn, offering rooms from as low as £60 per night. Its primary colour scheme is green and yellow.

Shut Up and Dance[]

The basement parking garage of a Wayhaven hotel is seen a the start of the episode, where a distraught Georgina Tarrington drops off a car and leaves the keys on the back wheel, following instuctions from the hackers.

After receiving the cake from Moped Man, Kenny is directed to the same hotel, where he is to deliver the cake to Hector, who is staying in room 121. Once inside Hector's room, it becomes clear that he was planning on meeting a prostitute, as there is newly purchased lingerie and a video camera on the bed.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Wayhaven has been subject to a cyber attack by the same hackers, who have published compromising emails sent by Georgina Tarrington, the CEO, making racially insensitive remarks about minority ethnic employees.


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