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Z-Eye is an advanced neural implant featured in White Christmas.


Not much is revealed about the Z-Eyes, apart from the fact that they were immensely popular and the majority of people had them installed upon release, and they are controlled by a small handheld console. Matt Trent remarks that you cannot take them out, implying it is a permanent procedure.

The Z-Eye is very similar in function to the Grain, a similar neural implant featured in The Entire History of You.


  • Messaging: Enables you to read and send text messages without the use of a mobile phone.
  • Phone: Allows you to make video or audio phone calls without the use of a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Magnify: Represented by a binoculars symbol on the menu, the function enables you to zoom in on various features in real life.
  • Camera: For the ability to take photos with your eyes which are stored directly onto the Z-Eye or an external drive for later viewing. Seen used by Joe Potter with his then girlfriend Bethany Grey.
  • Eye Link: An option that allows live streaming from ones vision to a computer so it can be viewed by one or several people. It is seen used by Matt Trent in his hobby as a dating coach, viewing real time footage from Harry as he attempts to seduce a woman at an office party.
  • Blocking: A nefarious feature that enables you to physically "block" another person in real life. Once a block has been placed, both the blocker and the blockee appear to one another as a static like silhouette, whose voice is muffled and distorted beyond comprehension. The block censors both images and video footage of the other person as well, in addition to any offspring conceived and birthed by the individual who placed the block. It can only lifted through either deactivation by the individual who enabled it, or in the the case of the blockers death (as demonstrated by the death of Bethany Grey). If the person who initialises the block wants to issue a restraining order to the blockee, the GPS built into the Z-Eye monitors them to ensure they do not go within 10 metres of the blocker, otherwise they face arrest.
  • If somebody is placed on the sex offenders registry in the United Kingdom (such as Matt Trent), it blocks them from the rest of the population, causeing everyone else they see to be only a static silhouette. To regular individuals, the person on the registry appears as the same static silhouette, but bright red in colour.